20 Nov 2016

Autumn 2 – Are you afraid of the dark?

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This half term our learning challenge is “Are you afraid of the dark?” Over the course of the half term we will be learning about the differences between light and dark, different sources of light, animals that are able to see in the dark and a number of festivals of light including Bonfire Night and Hanukah. We have created a dark den in the classroom for children to investigate different light sources and to explore how to adapt to a world without light.

PE & Uniform

There have been several lost jumpers and cardigans over the last few weeks. Please ensure you put your child’s name in all items of clothing in order for us to return them to you promptly. PE takes place on a Thursday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school to allow them to participate in these lessons. All PE kits should have children’s name on. This includes any pumps or trainers.


Reading Challenge 

We would like to thank parents for their continued support with children’s reading. Just as a reminder, we ask that children read at least 4 times a week at home. Children that achieve this will receive a prize every Friday.

Many thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to speak to any one of us at either home time or in the morning.

Miss Jbonfire



1 Oct 2016

Welcome Back Year 1!

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Welcome back Year 1. It’s lovely to see everyone back and refreshed after the holidays and looking smart in your new uniforms.

This half term we will be asking the question “Why am I special?”. We will be looking at our families, where we live, what we are good at, and who looks after us. As well as finding out what we have in common we will also be celebrating our differences and uniqueness. After all, the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same!

PE will take place on a Thursday and Friday. Please ensure you have a PE kit in school for these days and that all items of clothing are names (including pumps). If it has no name it cannot be returned!

Stay posted for further updates, information and pictures of what we are up to.

Miss Jolley, Miss Humphrey and Miss Horner 🙂





6 Jan 2012

This could be…

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Welcome to your space to write on the St Paul’s Primary School blog site! A few quick tips before you delete this automated blog post:

  • Make sure your first post is an exciting and engaging one!
  • Ask your children what they think of the blog and what they would like to see on it. Act on their recommendations.
  • Make sure your blog demonstrates to your children how much you personally love learning. Your example will be powerful.
  • Celebrate your children’s achievements and consider them the primary audience for this blog.
  • Use hyperlinks to connect your children with content from other classes around your school, other websites and other schools around the globe.
  • Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.